Teach to Learn

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In the mid-1960’s a research team worked with New York City schools to study improved methods for teaching children to read. During one part of their study, the researchers matched low-proficiency readers with older students in the school district. The older students were asked to tutor the younger students in reading for five-months. All of the students were tested for … Read More

SOAR 2013 Last Thoughts

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Wow, what a great week at SOAR 2013. It was amazing to watch 2500 students study Christ’s call to discipleship. As I think back on the week, a few last-minute thoughts go through my mind. So, here’s what I would want to leave with everyone who attended: 1) Discipleship is happening more than we realize. Because Christ is the Chief … Read More

Three Chairs

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I’m enjoying the SOAR 2013 student conference this week in Dallas, TX. This year’s theme is “Three Chairs” and it revolves around discipleship. The idea is really simple: you sit in the middle chair. This means that there is always someone on both sides of you -one that is pouring into you and one that you are pouring into. Its … Read More