She Lives Beyond the Grave

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Yesterday was my son, Bryce’s, fifth birthday. Through all of the excitement, I had a few moments of sober reflection. I imagined what it would be like if my wife, Jill, was planning his party. (Jill passed away three months after Bryce was born.) I can see her organizational skills going to work –the “invite list” would have been a … Read More

Say It Now

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My uncle Chuck was an amazing man. I remember as a young boy being mesmerized by his motorcycle and yo-yo tricks. I attended my uncle’s funeral Saturday.  Uncle Chuck had suffered from cancer for several years and finally his body was set free. In the midst of the grieving there was a fresh relief known only to the family of … Read More

The “Aha Moment” of Marriage

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My nephew is getting married next weekend to a beautiful godly lady. Thinking about their upcoming ceremony causes me to reflect on the bigger meaning of marriage. Marriage is like a globe. The globe is real. You can touch it, spin it, study it, and learn from it. However, the globe is not the end of the conversation. Do you … Read More

“Do No Harm” to the Boston Bomber

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Yesterday’s newspaper reported that one of the Boston Marathon bombers was alive and in custody at a local hospital. More specifically, the bomber is being treated at the same hospital as eleven victims of the bombing. That’s quite a powerful picture, isn’t it? Certainly the thought of a terrorist being treated alongside his victims provokes a myriad of emotional responses. … Read More

“Already-But Not Yet” Will End

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The resurrection celebration at my Church yesterday left me with mixed emotions. I was overwhelmed by Christ’s victory over death. At the same time, I my thoughts were drawn to my wife, Jill. Jill passed away four years ago. While I feel the agony of losing the love of my life, she experiences the triumph of the resurrection. Of course … Read More